Are cattery free from disease FeLV and  FIV  !
Health is most important!  We Only one can prove with result of  tests!

 Exclusive beautiful tica registred kittens
British shorthair kittens rare color
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Анимашки Кошки
Cattery registration:
TICA № 22309 date: 02/07/2011


Free" cat, adult or kitten Contest !
Cinnamon and Chocolate Love are Facebook page Блестяшки Надписи    

On my page you can see all our cats, offsprings, some kittens and read about our breeding and future plans.

I have many good friends-breeders all over the world and glad to communicate with new friends. Please, contact with my if you have some questions about our cats, kittens and etc..
Анимашки кошек, Кошки анимашки, разные анимашки с кошками | 
EXCLUSIVE color in USA Beautiful TICA Registered kittens available. Chocolate fawn and Cinnamon kittens are looking for cat loving families. Cattery located in the ohio. We have 4 kittens available for reservation. They are socialized sweet and affectionate. Our kittens are vaccinated dewormed litter box and scratching post trained. Their blood lines come from World Champions. Our advantages over other cattery’s we practice full time access 24 hours a day for kittens to eat food. This teaches our kittens from when they are very young not to be afraid of not having food to eat or worrying about going hungry. This trains them to have very good eating habits into adulthood insuring happiness and longevity. It also helps them to socialize with other cats/animals not to be territorial over food. Advantage of this great ... you agree with me? In addition We feed Our kittens the worlds premium quality foods Orijgen ProPlanInnovaErthborn. We sign an adoption contract on the moment of adoption. To insure the wellbeing of our kittens. For more information check our facebook https// or call 3303484858 Lana And do not forget healthy happy well-adjusted kitten with good temperament to start with will bring happens joy and love for you and for your family

I heart LuckyVitaminSvetlana
+1 330 348 48 58

I live in Ohio (USA)
(I am speaking english and russian)

I wish you a pleasant stay on our homepage and hope to see you soon again!
Блестящие надписи, красивые надписи, надписи анимашки |



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